Fusionen & Akquisitionen

2023 - Hanbay Inc

Hanbay is based in Montreal, Canada and designs and manufactures precise, miniature electric actuators which offer a compact profile and high torque design for use with small valves and instrument valves.

2016 - Mastergear

Mastergear, a leading manufacturer of manual and motorised gearboxes for valves, has operations in Italy and the USA. Mastergear will become part of Rotork's Gears division and will strengthen Rotork’s presence in water treatment and general industry markets.

2015 - Roto Hammer

Roto Hammer, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, is a manufacturer of custom-designed chain wheel manual valve operators. Roto Hammer will sit within the Rotork Gears division and will increase Rotork’s presence in the important USA market.

2015 - Servo Moteurs Service

SMS is an actuator service business located in the South of France. It is an important step forward in the development of Rotork’s direct service offering to our customers.

2015 - Bifold Group Limited

Bifold is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic instrument valves and components focused on the oil and gas industry and wider industrial markets, with expertise in a number of niche sectors such as subsea and wellhead control systems. It is headquartered in Manchester, with offices in Taunton and Lutterworth, UK. The acquisition will broaden Rotork’s range of instrumentation products and strengthen its presence in the flow control market.

2015 - M&M International Srl

M&M, a subsidiary of Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc, is a leading manufacturer of solenoid valves, piston actuated valves and automatic drain valves for use in commercial and industrial flow control industries. Located in Bergamo, Italy, this business will provide a focal point for solenoid valve manufacture for the commercial and industrial markets.

2015 - Omas Teknik Pazarlama Temsilcilik

Rotork has acquired part of Omas Teknik, its sales and service agent in Turkey. This acquisition strengthens Rotork's positon in this geographic market.

2014 - Masso Ind s.p.a

The acquisition of Masso, an established and respected manufacturer of valve remote control systems (VRCS) for the marine industry, brings capability to the Fluid Systems division to support the marine market.

2014 - Xylem Flow Control Limited

XFC, based in Wolverhampton, UK, is a leading manufacturer of solenoid valves and instruments under the Midland-ACS, Alcon Solenoid Valves and Landon Kingsway brands. XFC, a subsidiary of Xylem Inc., will be renamed Rotork Midland and the acquisition further enhances Rotork's range of instrumentation products.

2014 - Young Tech Co., Ltd

Based in Seoul, Korea, YTC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of valve positioners and accessories. The acquisition will enhance Rotork's range of instrumentation products and expand its position in the Asia-Pacific market.

2013 - G.T. Attuatori

The acquisition of G.T. Attuatori Italia S.r.l. based in Milan, Italy, together with G.T. Attuatori Europe GmbH and Max Process GmbH, both based near Bonn, Germany, will enhance Rotork’s range and scope of flow control product solutions.GTA is one of the longest established and best regarded pneumatic rack and pinion actuator manufacturing companies.

2013 - Renfro Associates Inc

Based in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma USA, Renfro is a valve adaptation and mounting kit business with an excellent reputation for quality and service. Expanding Renfro’s activities across the USA will repeat the success achieved in the UK by Valvekits.

2013 - Flowco

The acquisition of Flowco Ltd, an actuator service company based near to Rotork's Bath headquarters, will strengthen Rotork's utility industries service offering in southern England.

2013 - Schischek

Schischek is a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of explosion-proof electric actuators, principally for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) market place. The acquisition of the operating companies of the Schischek group of companies will enhance Rotork's range of electric actuators in its Controls division.

2012 - Soldo srl

The acquisition of Soldo srl, a switch box manufacturer based in Italy with sales operations in USA and Singapore, will strengthen Rotork's presence in the wider flow control market.

2011 - Fairchild Industrial Products Company

Based in North Carolina, USA, Fairchild manufactures a full range of market leading regulators, boosters, relays and transducers used in applications requiring precision control of pneumatic devices and motion control equipment. The acquisition is in line with Rotork's strategy of strengthening its presence in the global flow control market, as a part of which Fairchild will be the first company in the newly formed Rotork Instruments division.

2011 - Prokits

The acquisition of Prokits Ltd, a well known UK designer and manufacturer of valve adaptor kits and valve accessories, will strengthen the Rotork Valvekits business, into which Prokits will be merged.

2011 - K-Tork International Inc

K-Tork is a well established USA-based manufacturer of pneumatic vane-type actuators and damper drive systems serving many industries and utilities. The K-Tork range provides a significant addition to the Rotork Fluid Systems product portfolio.

2011 - Centork Valve Control S.L.

Centork provides a range of compact and modular electric actuators, complementing existing products and offering additional actuation technologies in Rotork's established markets and some new market areas.

2011 - Valco Valves and Automation AS

Rotork's sales and service agent in Norway since the 1970s is particularly active in the offshore oil and gas industry. Renamed Rotork Norway, the acquisition strengthens Rotork's localised presence by building on existing service strengths and enabling further development of sales and service activities for all actuation products in this important market area.

2011 - Rotork Servo Controles de Mexico S.A. de C.V.

This company has been Rotork's part-owned sales and service agent in the important Mexican market since the 1970s. Full ownership signals Rotork's recognition of significant opportunities in the region and intention to invest in the organisation's sales and extensive service capabilities.

2010 - Ralph A. Hiller

A long established USA manufacturer of fluid power valve actuators for the nuclear power generation industry. Hiller completes Rotork’s power industry product range and enables Rotork to establish a centre of excellence for nuclear industry products

2009 - Flow-Quip

A successful and well established company supplying quality actuator control solutions to the USA domestic and Latin American valve industries. Flow-Quip products will enable Rotork Fluid Systems to offer more comprehensive fluid power solutions for existing and new markets.

2008 - Smart Valve Monitor (SVM)

The market-leading partial valve stroke testing technology for fluid power actuators, enabling Rotork Fluid Systems to further develop its products for critical safety applications.

2008 - Remote Control Sweden

A well established Swedish manufacturer of pneumatic actuators and control systems which extend Rotork’s product offering in existing and new markets.

2006 - Omag Snc

Omag has an excellent relationship with the strategic valvemaking industry in Italy and manufactures a range of heavy duty, subsea and specialised gearboxes which complements and enhances the Rotork Gears product offering.

2005 - PC Intertechnik

A German manufacturer of heavy duty fluid power actuators, PC Intertechnik is now an integral part of Rotork Fluid Systems.

2004 - Deanquip

A successful and well-established distributor of fluid power valve actuator products in the Australasian market place, Deanquip has become the focus for Rotork Fluid Systems’ product and service activities in this part of the world.

2002 - Jordan Controls

The purchase of this USA company added a comprehensive and established range of electric actuators for control valve duties in traditional and new markets for Rotork. The company and its products have been developed within Rotork to become Rotork Process Controls.

2000 - Skilmatic

The Skilmatic electro-hydraulic actuator range has been developed and improved with the incorporation of Rotork’s IQ intelligent actuation technologies and is now sold throughout the world by Rotork Fluid Systems.

1999 - Fluid System Srl

A well respected manufacturer of fluid power actuators, including subsea and specialised derivatives, situated at the heart of the important Italian valvemaking industry at Lucca. This acquisition heralded a step change in fluid power business and Lucca has since become the main manufacturing facility for the Rotork Fluid Systems Division.

1999 - Valvekits

Valvekits – a leading UK manufacturer and stockist of valve accessories including adaptation kits, switchboxes and positioners. This purchase helped Rotork to achieve its ‘one stop shop’ status for valve actuation and control products and services.

1998 - Alecto

Alecto, a private company in Losser, Holland, was purchased in 1998. Now a part of Rotork Gears, the factory makes mostly small gearboxes and enjoys a strong market presence supplying the valvemaking industry.

1996 - Rotork S.A.

A Rotork agency agreement was made with the South African valvemaker I.E.S in 1963. In 1965 the business left I.E.S and was allowed to trade as Rotork S.A. although Rotork had no shareholding in the company. Rotork S.A. experienced many ownerships and eventually became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rotork plc in 1996.

1994 - Rotork India

To meet the increasing demands of the Indian market, a second manufacturing facility was opened in Bangalore in 1991. Three years later the Indian joint venture partner’s equity was acquired and Rotork India was formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

1993 - Exeeco

In 1972 Rotork had acquired the CYBAC actuator range from Lucas Aerospace. At the same time some of the individuals working for CYBAC began a new business called Exeeco, making parts for the actuators and providing site services. Exeeco went on to become a major supplier of secondary gearboxes for Rotork electric actuators and by 1987 was partly owned by Rotork. Exeeco was also the UK base for Rotork’s fluid power actuator activity.

In 1993 Rotork completed the purchase of the company, which has since become an important contributor to the development of the Rotork Gears Division.

1985 - Protech

Developed into the major part of the Rotork Instruments Division, which, together with the Analysis and Actuation Divisions, was part of a serious attempt to turn Rotork into a control and instrumentation specialist group. Protech’s expertise was central to the development of Rotork's Pakscan digital control system. The Instruments Division was renamed Rotork Control & Safety in the late 1990s and sold in 2002.

1983 - Jacques

A company manufacturing subsea cables and hoses, sold in 1988.

1979 - Evans

A woodworking machine company in Phoenix, Arizona, Evans owned a range of pneumatic actuator designs which were subsequently developed to form the cornerstone of Rotork’s successful Fluid Systems business.

1977 - Best & Crompton (Joint Venture)

Rotork’s original joint venture with Best & Crompton was formed in response to the closure of the Indian market to imported actuators. In 1978 this was further developed with the establishment of a 40% stake in a joint venture called Beacon Rotork Controls Ltd.

1975 - Electrolocation

An innovative company that designed and manufactured hand-held instruments and devices for locating buried cables and pipework. Initially, the costs involved in research and development activities were out of step with Electrolocation's earnings, creating a situation that was not agreeable to Rotork’s actuator orientated board. The company was sold to Andy Garnett in 1978.

1973 - Sysco

A Wiltshire-based company, purchased in 1973. Sysco specialised in the manufacture of packaged analyser houses and systems, which were installed on petrochemical plants for the real time quality control of chemical production. The company grew into the Ludlam Sysco Division of Rotork Analysis, which also held agencies and distributorships for individual analyser manufacturers. The whole of Rotork Analysis was sold in 1996.

1969 - ElectroPower Gears

This was Rotork’s first purchase, acquired because of its gear cutting experience. However, it was soon found not to be a good fit with Rotork's business and was sold in 1975.