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The Retrofit route to large-scale refinery automation

IQ actuators on Tupras Izmit Refinery.

A major petrochemical modernisation programme in Turkey includes a retrofit project that will deliver automated actuation and control for over 900 valves at a refinery’s tank farms. Tupras is Turkey’s largest industrial company and leading refiner, operating four refineries of...

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Zalety szybkiego sterowania klap

Type K damper drives are also installed in other areas of the Manatee Station. Here, Gary Barnett, Type K Area Sales Manager, inspects units on the station’s Super-Heat and Re-Heat dampers.

There certainly is no substitute for speed. In nature, on the athletic field or on the computer, superior speed makes all the difference. Pneumatic-powered damper drives are excellent choices for speed sensitive installations. There are no motor windings or gear...

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Rotork valve automation at solar power plants

A section of the parabolic troughs in a solar power plant

Spain is now the world's largest generator of electricity from solar power plants. Spanish solar energy plants utilise parabolic trough technology combined with a thermal storage system using molten salt batteries to maximise their power generating capacity. The parabolic trough...

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Rotork actuators with Profibus

IQ actuators on the dissolved air flotation inlet penstocks at Maundown

Rotork IQPro intelligent electric actuators with Profibus two-wire digital control provide an adaptable, reliable and economical solution for automated valve monitoring and control. Two recent projects undertaken by Wessex Water serve to illustrate the benefits of adopting Profibus-enabled Rotork actuators...

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