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Industry: Paliwa i gaz - transport

Gas compressor station in Ukraine upgraded to electric flow control

Rotork CVA electric control valve actuators were installed as part of an upgrade programme on a key pipeline network connecting...

Industry: Oczyszczalnie ścieków

Rapid Gravity Filtration (RGF) assisted by Rotork at Welsh water treatment plant

Rotork intelligent electric valve actuators were installed to control water flow through a new state-of-the-art extension to a water treatment...

Industry: Procesy

CVA actuators provide precise control in mineral grading process

Rotork CVA electric control valve actuators have been specified for critical flow control duties on heavy-duty mineral processing machinery.

Industry: Chemia

Rotork provide precise control for Australian polymer manufacturer

Rotork CVA all-electric control valve actuation technology has improved the efficiency of the production process for a Australian polymer manufacturing...

Industry: Chemia

Precise control at Spanish chemical processing plant

Intelligent IQ3 actuators and Rotork Master Station control centres were installed on a chemical processing plant in Cádiz, Spain.

Industry: Woda

Valve control for desalination plant provides drinking water for Barcelona

IQ and IQT actuators were installed to control the valves at a desalination plant in Spain. The plant operates an...

Industry: Oczyszczalnie ścieków

Rotork retrofit improves valve actuation efficiency at Amsterdam water treatment plant

Rotork modulating electric valve actuators were installed in an efficiency upgrade project at Vogelenzang water treatment plant, Amsterdam.

Industry: Paliwa i gaz - wydobycie i produkcja

Rotork provides all-electric flow control solution at Johan Sverdrup, ground-breaking Norway oil field with reduced emissions

Rotork provided intelligent electric actuators to the Johan Sverdrup oil field in the North Sea, aiding in the electrification of...

Industry: Chemia

Rotork products simplify and provide precision in South American petrochemical sampling and analysis process

Rotork Schischek compact explosionproof valve actuators have been selected as the reliable solution for a critical petrochemical analysis process.

Industry: Paliwa i gaz - dystrybucja

Rotork helps provide a safe working environment at a huge oil and gas field

Rotork provided HVAC flow control solutions flow control for essential ventilation safety functions in process module buildings at a major...

Industry: Oczyszczalnie ścieków

Rotork electric actuators provide reliable flow control after upgrade at Chicago water purification plant

Hundreds of Rotork multi-turn and part-turn IQ electric actuators and gearboxes were installed as part of a US water filtration...

Industry: Paliwa i gaz - transport

Rotork delivers all-electric solution for removal of water at Romanian gas plants

Rotork actuators provided an all-electric specification for valve control on new gas dehydration units at seven sites in the Transylvanian...

Industry: Paliwa i gaz - wydobycie i produkcja

Rotork creates a safe working environment on board an FPSO off the coast of West Africa

Actuators supplied by Rotork provided a safe operating environment for crew members and control equipment on a FPSO (Floating Production...

Industry: Przemysł

Rotork aids in South Korean fuel cell production

Rotork linear actuators were selected to control the flow of hydrogen gas at a fuel cell power plant in South...

Industry: Oczyszczalnie ścieków

Increased reliability and improved asset management at Irish Water plant

Irish Water has installed Rotork’s intelligent CKc range of modular electric actuators at the Kilkit Water Treatment Plant in County...

Industry: Energetyka konwencjonalna

Electric actuators provide safety function at combined cycle gas power plant

Rotork installed and commissioned CVL linear control valve actuators at Didcot B is an efficient combined cycle gas power plant...

Industry: Procesy

CVA selected for critical function at Australian coal seam gas application

Rotork CVA fail-safe electric process valve actuators were selected for a critical flow control application in the Australian coal mining...

Industry: Przemysł

CVA actuators delivers accurate valve control for complete combustion in fibreglass manufacturing

Rotork’s CVA actuators replaced old, underperforming actuators to provide precision control in a glass combustion system.

Industry: Przemysł

Critical fire safety functions provided to Singapore’s rail network

Rotork provided a new Mass Rapid Transit Line in Singapore with 1,000 compact pneumatic actuators, to operate fire dampers at...

Industry: Oczyszczalnie ścieków

Corrosion resistant flow control provided by IQ actuators at New Zealand water treatment plants

Rotork IQ and IQT actuators were fitted on several water treatment plants in New Zealand, in an update from pneumatic...

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