Graduate Engineer - Leeds, UK

What is your role? 

I joined Rotork as a graduate engineer, and I am currently based in Leeds, UK.

What kind of technology do you work with on a regular basis?

I’m currently working on the gearbox products and am working with SolidEdge CAD drawings that are usually associated with fulfilling contracts.

What does an average day at Rotork look like for you?

My average day is mainly working with tasks allotted and on a different project with the placement manager. The start time is flexible enough to provide some autonomy when planning the day.


What were the main things that made you want to join Rotork?

The assessment day for the interview was a great experience. I had attended several of them, and visiting Bath and meeting most of the management board was something not expected, and it made me think that if they’re so involved with hiring, they might like working close to the ground among the staff. That made me choose Rotork over other offers.

What is the most positive thing about working at Rotork?

The culture is of a professional workplace yet it manages to be quite friendly. Co-workers and managers were helpful in getting me started with the work when I joined the team.

What makes you most excited about your future with Rotork?

I’m most excited about choosing my own field after working in multiple placements and getting to decide to work in the division I have the most interest in.