Engineering Graduate, UK

What is your role here at Rotork?

I am on the two-year graduate scheme with Rotork as a Graduate Engineer. As a part of the scheme, I will move within various departments mostly within the Engineering Function. In my current placement, I am working with the Manufacturing and Production Test team.

What kind of technology do you work with or activity do you do at Rotork on a regular basis?

I use Microsoft Suite regularly to communicate, document and present my work. As of part of my current placement, I work predominately on CAD packages to create new or optimise existing tools to improve production in line with lean manufacturing principles. I make use of the proprietary software to document these changes.

I use various tools daily as a part of my projects. For example, I get to drill, 3D print and solder for a Quick Detachable Bond (QDB) tester.

What does an average day at Rotork look like for you?

I cycle into work at 7 a.m. I start by logging my previous day’s progress on to my logbook. I check for important meetings for the day, and then I go through my to-do lists and prioritise my tasks according to the project timeline and deliverables. Being a member of the manufacturing team, hands-on functions are essential, such as testing 3D prints, repairing existing tools and troubleshooting the production processes. A lot of ad hoc tasks might be included in the day; hence I usually set aside a part of the day to attend to these tasks. And before I know it, it’s after 3 p.m. and I am on my way to enjoying the rest of my day.

What were the main things about Rotork that made you want to join?

The graduate scheme at Rotork is structured to allow every graduate to maximise the benefits. The scheme allows rotations within different departments that aid in understanding the organisational structure and the essence of working together to achieve a unified goal. This allows me to explore different opportunities to use my skillset. By being flexible to different roles, I have the opportunity to learn a large amount as an engineer over the two year programme.

What is the biggest positive about working at Rotork?

The work culture that I’ve been introduced to at Rotork has been massively positive. Everyone that I have met and spoken to, from the board members to the operators at the build line, has been very friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere that is created around the workspace pushes me to learn further to be a future leader.

My team and my manager support me constantly. They help me bridge the gap between university and the industry continuously. This encourages me to strive as a key team player and become a better engineer.

What makes you most excited about your future with Rotork?

The endless opportunities that arise with the different placements are exciting to me. I love changing and adapting to different situations constantly. The scope of an international placement within Europe thrills me absolutely.