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Description Document Number Old Number
P Range Jackscrew Manual Overide Installation and Maintenance Manual  PUB012-004 F171
CP Range Installation and Maintenance Manual (Legacy - Replaced by PUB013-015) PUB013-003 F230
SP Range Dimension Data 40 Double Acting PUB012-005 F240
SP Range Dimension Data 40 Spring Return PUB012-006 F241
SP Range Dimension Data 50 Double Acting PUB012-007 F242
SP Range Dimension Data 50 Spring Return PUB012-008 F243
SP Range Dimension Data 70 Double Acting PUB012-009 F244
SP Range Dimension Data 70 Spring Return PUB012-010 F245
HPG Range Brochure PUB016-001 F300
GO Range (Gas over Oil) Brochure PUB017-001 F301
HPG Range (High Pressure Gas) Installation and Maintenance Manual PUB016-003 F330
GO 1 (Gas over Oil) Installation and Maintenance Manual - Legacy PUB017-003 F331
H Range Dimension Data 250 Double Acting - Legacy PUB012-011 F340
H Range 250 Spring Return Dimension Data - Legacy PUB012-012 F341
H Range Dimension Data 325 Double Acting - Legacy PUB012-013 F342
H Range Dimension Data 325 Spring Return - Legacy PUB012-014 F343
RP Range Dimension Data - Metric PUB018-002 F440m
Pro Generation EH Technical Data PUB021-007 F711
Skilmatic EH Installation and Maintenance Manual PUB021-008 F730
Subsea Range Brochure PUB022-001 F800
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