Delivering safety solutions

Rotork Delivering safety solutions

Rotork has been widely acknowledged as the market leader in actuation for over 60 years. We make an important social contribution through our high-quality products, which are available with extensive certifications, including for safety applications.

Our products play a key role in supporting customers’ health and safety performance. There are some great examples of Rotork products that deliver safety benefits, including our Electronic Line Break System and our Shutdown Battery option.

Electronic Line Break

The Rotork Electronic Line Break (ELB) is a robust, self-contained system that combines pipeline pressure monitoring with intelligent valve control. It continuously monitors upstream and downstream pipeline pressure dynamics to provide early detection of pipeline breaks and initiate automatic valve actuator movement to a pre-selected emergency position. In a gas pipeline, the immediate reporting of a line break by an ELB will enable the operator to swiftly close the appropriate valves and isolate the problem. This functionality mitigates the risk of a catastrophic event taking place.

Emergency Shutdown 

The Rotork Shutdown Battery Option provides fail-to-position functionality for our IQT range of part turn actuators. The integral battery pack provides a compact explosion proof shutdown solution upon loss of mains power. It can prevent safety issues and avoid monetary consequence of loss of control. The IQT with shutdown battery option is a compact lightweight alternative to a spring-return fail-safe actuator and is ideally suited to process shutdown and emergency shutdown applications in unmanned locations.