Relations with Shareholders

Relations with Shareholders

Communication with shareholders is a priority for Rotork and the Company openly engages in a regular dialogue with its major shareholders. In 2017, the Board, and in particular the Executive Chairman and Finance Director, have engaged with shareholders in a number of ways including:

  • Hosting and participating in roadshows, both in the UK and
  • Hosting webcasts;
  • Attending shareholder events;
  • Hosting investor site visits;
  • Attending conferences;
  • Hosting conference calls; and
  • Arranging ad hoc one to one and group meetings and calls with shareholders.

A Director of Strategy and Investor Relations was appointed in January 2017 to increase the resources available to support existing and potential shareholders and enhance our reporting to shareholders. During the year we have reviewed our programme of events and expanded our investor communications programme to include greater participation with a wider range of shareholders, hosting additional site visits and roadshows, and attending additional conferences. We have communicated with all major shareholders regarding the change of Chief Executive and progress regarding our growth acceleration plans, and will keep shareholders updated on a regular basis as this develops.

In January 2018, MiFID II (made up of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (2014/65/EU) and the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (2014/600/EU) became effective which impacts how investment fund managers receive research from analysts and how they arrange access to corporates. We have assessed the likely implications for our wider communications with shareholders and will keep this under review as the investment industry’s response evolves.

The Chairman ensures that all directors are made aware of major shareholder issues and concerns by ensuring the Board receives reports on meetings with analysts and fund managers as well as shareholders. In addition, the Board receives reports from its brokers which give anonymised feedback from investors.

Rotork makes constructive use of its AGM as an opportunity for the Board to communicate with, and answer questions from, shareholders who attend in person. The entire Board is normally available during the meeting, and for lunch following the meeting, to allow direct interaction between the directors and the shareholders. This year, Rotork will again adopt automatic poll voting at its AGM in order to better reflect the views of shareholders; previously voting on resolutions was generally undertaken on a show of hands at the AGM itself. Automatic poll voting ensures that all votes cast in person or by proxy are taken into account on a particular resolution.

Rotork also maintains a comprehensive investor relations section on its website which provides a variety of resources for investors including current webcasts, presentations and press releases as well as annual interim reports. The website can be accessed at

Electronic communications are also used by Rotork to communicate with its shareholders. All shareholders have been asked whether they would like to receive the Annual Report and Accounts in electronic form rather than in hard copy form. Any shareholders wishing to receive corporate documents electronically can do this by registering for the service at and clicking on ‘Register’ under the ‘Shareview Portfolio’ section. Rotork also makes available electronic proxy appointment for shareholders who wish to appoint a proxy online to vote at the Company’s AGM.