Relations with Shareholders

All Board decisions are made with the long-term success of Rotork in focus, which ultimately benefits our shareholders. We have focused in particular on the Growth Acceleration Programme, ensuring that Rotork is well placed for the future.

All shareholders, whether they are individual or institutional, are treated fairly. They have equal access to information. We endeavour to provide a complete view of our business in the Annual Report and Accounts which is available in electronic form to shareholders on our corporate website and also in hardcopy form. In October 2020, we published our first ‘People and Environment Report’ which outlines the steps we are taking to reduce our impact on the environment as well as highlighting how Rotork’s products and services are used to benefit the environmental performance and safety of our customers. Our corporate website also contains a variety of resources for investors including current webcasts, presentations and press releases, as well as annual and interim reports.

We enjoy an active dialogue with our investors, advisers and the investment community. Our Chief Executive, Group Finance Director and our Investor Relations Director regularly communicate with our major shareholders, and over the course of the year have engaged with investors representing over half of our issued share capital. In 2020, despite the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, they attended over 90 meetings (over video from mid-March) with over 40 separate institutions and have also participated in analyst hosted webcasts and attended virtual shareholder events.

In addition, at the beginning of 2021, Tim Cobbold as Remuneration Committee Chair, wrote to our top 20 institutional shareholders holding 56% of our issued share capital, to update them on executive remuneration ahead of our 2021 AGM. Further details on this shareholder engagement programme can be found on page 156 of the Annual Report.