The Board

The Board is responsible for determining the Company’s strategy, Purpose, culture and Values, reflecting in particular on the role Rotork plays in ensuring that the earth’s resources keep flowing for future generations. It oversees the execution of its strategy by management whilst having oversight of the governance and control framework underpinning the Company.

The Board is also responsible for the review and oversight of the effective management of risk, whilst delegating oversight of the controls framework to the Audit Committee. The Board rigorously challenges strategy, performance, responsibility and accountability to ensure that every decision we make is of the highest quality.

The Board consists of eight Board members, six of whom are non-executive directors. Female representation on the Board as at 31 December 2021 was 37.5%.

The Board members come from a variety of professional backgrounds including engineering, manufacturing, management, legal and finance, and collectively possess significant managerial experience, as well as experience of being executive directors of other public limited companies. A more detailed analysis of Board composition, skills and experience can be found on pages 105 to 108 of the Annual Report.

The Board considers all non-executive directors, Tim Cobbold, Peter Dilnot, Ann Christin Andersen, Karin Meurk-Harvey and Janice Stipp to be independent in character and judgement. Martin Lamb, Chairman, was considered to be independent on appointment.