Critical fire safety functions provided to Singapore’s rail network

  • Industry: Industrial
  • Category: Fluid Power Actuators
  • Products: RC200


Rotork provided a new Mass Rapid Transit Line in Singapore with 1,000 compact pneumatic actuators, to operate fire dampers at 32 stations.


Fire dampers are safety products that are positioned within rail tunnels to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. They are an essential safety function that can be operated by actuators.


A new railway line was built in Singapore and required fast-acting, reliable actuators to operate safety critical fire dampers.


Rotork provided the customer with a trial unit; they tested its functionality with fire dampers at 250 °C and 400 °C. Following these successful tests, more than 1,000 pneumatic actuators from within the range (RC230, RC240, RC250) were ordered and installed. A 3rd party was also engaged by the end user to verify that the actuators were able to perform the advertised one million cycles.

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Customer Benefits

The actuators provide an essential safety function; the dampers they operate will shut in case of fire to prevent fire/smoke from travelling through the rail tunnels. This is a critical requirement in this application. Safety of operators and passengers is assured. Safety certifications are achieved.

The pneumatic actuators are able to work in the high temperatures necessary, without the expense of further external fireproofing coatings.

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