CVA actuators delivers accurate valve control for complete combustion in fibreglass manufacturing

  • Industry: Industrial
  • Category: Electric Actuators
  • Products: CVL, CVQ


Rotork’s CVA actuators replaced old, underperforming actuators to provide precision control in a glass combustion system.


Raw fibreglass material in pellet form is transported from a hopper into a furnace and melted. Globe control valves must accurately control the ratio of natural gas and oxygen supplied to the furnace to melt the raw glass.


Existing actuators at several Asian fibreglass plants provided poor performance and inaccurate valve control. Precision control was needed to create the correct mixture of natural gas and oxygen to ensure good combustion and provide a lean burn.


CVAs were installed to replace the existing underperforming actuators to deliver the required accurate control.

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Customer Benefits

CVA actuators offer a highly accurate and responsive method of automating control valves. They have resolution figures of better than 0.1%. Their installation allowed for precise control of the exact ratio of fuel and air within a furnace to produce the right amount of heat. This appropriate injection of both gas and oxygen means a reduction in waste through efficient operation. It also reduces unwelcome emissions through the elimination of incomplete combustion.

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