Electric actuators reduce fugitive emissions on natural gas networks

  • Industry: Oil & Gas - Downstream
  • Category: Electric Actuators
  • Products: PAX Range


Electric actuators provide pressure regulation on natural gas distribution networks in the USA, automating the process and reducing emissions.


Natural gas distribution networks have a significant number of pressure reducing stations which regulate downstream gas pressure for delivery to domestic consumers.


These stations can be a hot spot for methane emissions. These systems use pipeline gas as the motive power, and when adjustments are made, methane is vented to the atmosphere. An engineer must also travel to site to manually change a set point, resulting in emissions through their transport. The customer needed a solution that would eliminate these fugitive emissions and automate the pressure adjustment process.


Fitting a PAX electric actuator directly to a regulator (to create a motorised regulator assembly) allows for remote operation of the set point. The system reduces emissions (the PAX uses electricity for power, not the pipeline gas); there is no constant bleed or venting of gas. No product is wasted.

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Customer Benefits

When a PAX electric actuator is fitted, the set point can be operated automatically. There is no constant bleed or controlled leak from the motorised regulator assembly. The customer also benefits from position feedback, built in alarms and limit switches, and fail-freeze capacity.

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