Green battery factory in Sweden supported by Rotork actuators

  • Industry: Industrial
  • Category: Fluid Power Actuators, Instrumentation & Control
  • Products: RC200, YT-3700 Smart Positioner


Rotork pneumatic actuators were ordered by an innovative Swedish battery manufacturer to control valves on the battery production line.


Northvolt specialise in the production of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. They are working to create the “world’s greenest battery”. Northvolt Ett, close to the Arctic Circle, is Northvolt’s ‘gigafactory’ that produces batteries, powered by clean and renewable energy.


To provide Northvolt with precise control of valves on the production line, with fail safe operation in case of safety issues.


Over 1,000 RC200 actuators were ordered for installation on the battery production line.

RC200 units are compact pneumatic actuators. They are available in both double-acting and spring-return configurations (both were ordered for the Northvolt project), providing high start and end torque output.

50 of Rotork’s YT-3700 digital smart positioners are also now part of the water and heating systems of the state-of-the-art building.

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Customer Benefits

Northvolt needed fast control and fail-safe capability, both which actuators within the RC200 range can supply.

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