Hydro-electric power plant supported by Rotork actuators

  • Industry: Renewable Power
  • Category: Electric Actuators
  • Products: IQ - Standard


Rotork has been selected as the provider of electric actuators at a large hydro-electric power plant in China, which has an installed capacity of 16 million KW.


The Baihetan Dam is a large hydro-electric power plant in China. As a producer of hydroelectricity, the Baihetan Dam plays an important role in clean provision of energy. It is part of a cascade of dams on the Jinsha River in the south-west of China.


Flow control solutions were needed within the Baihetan Dam to control ball valves. The water supply systems (as well as drainage systems, air compression systems and other auxiliary systems) required automation to ensure efficient and reliable operation.


Over 100 actuators from Rotork’s IQ3 range were installed to operate ball valves on the Baihetan Dam. Electric actuation was chosen partly due to easy access to existing power cabling, providing a low-cost energy source for the actuators. Additionally, installation space was limited and there was no ability to have a central compressor on site, so electric actuation was the logical choice.

Further Information

IQ3 actuators have impressive water ingress protection and are certified at IP66/68, necessary within water applications. The terminal compartment is double-sealed, resulting in the complete sealing of internal components from the environment, for life. They are reliable, robust and efficient, with data logs that can provide insight into performance.

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