Rotork helps provide a safe working environment at a huge oil and gas field

  • Industry: Oil & Gas - Downstream
  • Category: Electric Actuators, Fluid Power Actuators
  • Products: Max Range, Cos Range, GTS


Rotork provided HVAC flow control solutions flow control for essential ventilation safety functions in process module buildings at a major oil and gas development in the Caspian Sea.


The rapidly developing oil fields of the Caspian Sea are an increasingly important source of global energy. Providing a safe working environment is essential.


Our customer required rugged HVAC control products to monitor and control the environment within their process (production) modules. The actuation of safety critical fire and gas dampers were essential for a safe and reliable system.


Rotork enabled monitoring and control of the environments within process and production modules and buildings using stainless steel Rotork electric and pneumatic products. GTS pneumatic rack and pinion actuators and Rotork Schischek ExMax-VAS fail-safe spring-return actuators provided flow control, while Schischek ExCos-P differential pressure and ExCos-D temperature sensors provided measurement capabilities.

Further Information

Customer Benefits

The electric and pneumatic fail-safe actuators operate safety critical fire dampers, emergency shut-off and control dampers. This created a safe working environment in a situation where this is critical.

The stainless-steel electric actuators provide a fail-safe solution and are resistant against dangerous atmospheres, ensuring continued safe operation. Due to the possible presence of hydrogen sulphide, it was important to have appropriate HVAC systems designed and installed at an early stage (rather than as an after thought) to ensure safe operation of the process/production modules.

The stainless-steel sensors are designed specifically for HVAC applications (temperature and pressure ranges) rather than “de-tuned” process sensors.

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