Rotork products simplify and provide precision in South American petrochemical sampling and analysis process

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  • Category: Electric Actuators
  • Products: Max Range


Rotork Schischek compact explosionproof valve actuators have been selected as the reliable solution for a critical petrochemical analysis process.


Ecopetrol is the largest petroleum company in Colombia. They use Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) in a process that provides quantitative sampling of hydrocarbons; the process separates the hydrocarbons into four chemical groups - alkanes, aromatics, resins and asphaltenes.


NIR requires small two and three-way fast acting ball valves are used to gather the samples for analysis and precisely maintain the pressure, flow and temperature through the spectrometer. Fast operation (less than three seconds) was needed to accurately maintain characteristics of the hydrocarbons for sampling. Additionally, operational space was limited and flow control solutions with explosionproof certification was needed.


100 Schischek RedMax actuators were chosen to operate two and three-way fast acting ball valves; these actuators met the fast-acting requirements from the customer, as well as offering the appropriate explosionproof certifications (certified for Zones 2 and 22 hazardous area operation).

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Customer Benefits

Ecopetrol received the compact and fast-acting control of valves required to ensure accurate sampling of hydrocarbons. The installation of the RedMax actuators also created a reduced maintenance requirement in the demanding operating environment. They are robust and reliable actuators, with low power consumption.

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