Rotork provide precise control for Australian polymer manufacturer

  • Industry: Chemicals
  • Category: Electric Actuators
  • Products: CVQ


Rotork CVA all-electric control valve actuation technology has improved the efficiency of the production process for a Australian polymer manufacturing company.


Samos Polymers manufactures polyurethane systems, producing a range of cast elastomer prepolymers including spray polyurethane and polyureas, rigid and flexible foam systems, rubber binders and floor coatings.


Automation of the previously manually operated temperature control of water supplied to the condenser as part of the water/glycol separation process was required. The existing temperature variation of 1-2 ºC resulted in an unacceptable level of wasted product; success would be judged on exceptionally accurate temperature control within +/-0.1 ºC.


Rotork installed all-electric control package, with a V-port ball valve operated by a CVA actuator. The CVA successfully and autonomously operated to maintain the water temperature within the required parameters, delivering a ten-fold improvement in performance.

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Customer Benefits

Product waste during manufacture was greatly reduced. The CVA provided the required precise and modulating valve operation, with repeatability and resolution performance within 0.1% of full scale.

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