Texas water treatment plant boosted by Rotork’s K-TORK actuators for ultrafiltration processes

  • Industry: Wastewater, Water
  • Category: Fluid Power Actuators
  • Products: K-TORK


A water treatment plant in Texas, USA, ordered hundreds of Rotork’s K-TORK rotary vane actuators for its ultrafiltration system.


San Felipe Springs Water Treatment Plant is based in the City of Del Rio, Texas and is supplied by water from the nearby East and West San Felipe Springs. The treated water serves the population of Del Rio and the nearby Laughlin Air Force Base.

Ultrafiltration is an innovative technology that removes particles from the water by using pressure to drive it through membranes that remove solids and contaminants, resulting in water suitable for drinking.


The existing actuators became increasingly unreliable and inaccurate, and had high maintenance costs. The challenge for Rotork was to replace these actuators with with a solution that offered higher precision, increased reliability and lower maintenance costs.


Nearly 400 K-TORK rotary vane actuators were ordered to replace the existing actuators. These accurate and reliable units are ideal for critical applications of this kind because of their high cycle and precise modulating output. They have provided the reduced maintenance costs and high levels of accuracy the customer needed.

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Customer Benefits

The customer chose Rotork and K-TORK actuators as replacements because of the benefits of reduced maintenance and lower replacement costs compared to their previous units.

K-TORK actuators are simple, highly accurate and reliable.

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