Compact electric actuator for marine valve applications


 Compact electric actuator for marine valve applications
The new Rotork ROMpak range of electric actuators has been introduced to offer the marine industry a lightweight, economical and compact solution for the operation of quarter-turn valves and dampers, with a comprehensive choice of control, instrumentation and diagnostic options.  These options now enable shipboard valve functions to be set-up, controlled and monitored with the same degree of efficiency, accuracy and flexibility as the most up-to-date process systems.

The ROMpak actuators retain all the mechanical benefits of the popular original Rotork ROM design, including self-locking gears, manual override, externally adjustable mechanical stops, a wide range of mains power options and an IP67 watertight enclosure.  The ROMpak actuator adds a self-contained control package with local controls and status indication relays and the option of Rotork Folomatic positional control, current position transmitter, integral data logger, non-intrusive configuration with a Bluetooth wireless interface and digital bus network connectivity.

Network connectivity, which includes Rotork’s dedicated Pakscan and the Profibus, Modbus and Foundation Fieldbus open protocols, is also configured by Bluetooth, as is the recovery of historical operating data from the data logger for valve diagnostics and maintenance planning.

The three actuator sizes in the ROMpak range provide operating torques from 35 to 650Nm and are suitable for ambient temperatures of -5 to +60°C.

The first orders for ROMpak actuators include applications on new naval vessels being built for an Eastern European country. In addition to new installations, the actuators are easy to retrofit on existing valves and Rotork’s specialist Site Services organisation is available on a worldwide basis to offer advice on or to  implement this activity.