Exeeco wins "milestone" British Energy framework agreement


Exeeco wins "milestone" British Energy framework agreement

Exeeco wins an exclusive framework agreement for the supply of Rotork valve actuation products and for the service and repair of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic valve actuators at all nine British Energy UK power station sites.

British Energy is the UK's largest electricity producer, generating 20% of the country's electricity from one coal-fired and eight nuclear power stations. Exeeco's contract has been awarded following months of negotiations at British Energy's operational headquarters at Barnwood, Gloucestershire and Exeeco's manufacturing plant in Leeds.

John Vincent, British Energy Specialist Procurement Buyer, explains: "This contract was awarded to Exeeco to benefit the technological implementation of our long term plans. The combination of Rotork products and the expertise of Exeeco, who specialise in actuation and automation schemes in the power generation industry, will be of significant future benefit to British Energy.

"It is our intention to enhance control and automation at many of our plants, including Sizewell, which has a predicted life until 2030. All of our stations undergo regular, stringent outage overhauls as well as plant upgrades to maintain modern and reliable processes and controls. Reliable actuation of valves is critical to the success of our plants. Exeeco has demonstrated unrivalled actuation and automation expertise which, combined with the quality and reliability of Rotork products, will serve British Energy well in our mission."

Exeeco Sales Director Ian Elliott enthuses: "This is a milestone contract award for us. We have served British Energy for over 25 years, providing actuator overhauls, outage services and the design, manufacture and installation of automated control and actuation systems. We are now looking forward to meeting the challenges of this important task.

"Over the next few months our 'Road Show' is planned to demonstrate our latest products and technologies at British Energy sites, products including Rotork IQ/IQT actuators, Skilmatic Sl fail-safe actuators and Jordan high temperature modulating actuators. We will also highlight the benefits and expertise of our specialist outage actuator repair and commissioning services".