Extended scope contract secures improved fire protection at the Royal Mint


Extended scope contract secures improved fire protection at the Royal Mint

The Rotork Site Services contract to install an automated shutdown system on the gas main has secured improved safety and fire protection for the Royal Mint, at Llantrisant in South Wales.

The gas main serves the annealing and pickling plant at the site, where, following a fire, an investigation by Safety, Health and Environmental Services recommended improvements.  These involved the installation of five new actuated butterfly valves on the gas main for emergency shutdown duty and the motorisation of one existing hand operated valve.  The new system is designed to close down the gas main serving three buildings within two minutes.

Following an initial survey, Rotork’s Site Service Department proposed a turnkey solution encompassing the design, procurement, installation and commissioning of all the elements required for the new system.  This included the provision of IQT Pro intelligent electric actuators with integral partial valve stroking software, facilitating function testing of the system without any interruption to normal operations.

In addition to installing the new actuated butterfly valves and retrofitting the existing valve, Rotork has been responsible for many pipework modifications and the design and installation of a distributed control system with an uninterruptable power supply, comprising shut down panels for each of the three buildings and a shutdown panel for the entire system in the site’s central security centre.

Rotork’s successful completion of the contract has been achieved with the assistance of the Royal Mint’s local sub-contractors including JRP Electrical and the Systems Group.