High cycle duty at Lyon St. Exupery


High cycle duty at Lyon St. Exupery

Rotork France Sales Manager Didier Joanny reports on the unfailing reliability of an IQT actuator in constant use at the Lyon St. Exupery Airport.

In March 2006 the actuator was installed on a 150mm butterfly valve in the airport’s cooling plant, on a water circuit that is used to reduce the nitrate levels in accordance with French legislation.  As a result the valve is cycled several times every hour.

A counter fitted during the installation registered over 150,000 cycles without failure by the time that the actuator was to be upgraded with a new IQPro model in July 2008.

Maintenance Manager Pierre Salmaso explains: “We chose the Rotork actuator on the advice of our local supplier, who told us about the high quality of the Rotork product.  We had plenty of reliability problems with another manufacturer’s actuator previously used, which had been replaced three times in five years!

We are so pleased with the performance of the IQT that we have now ordered three more to operate 250mm butterfly valves on our borehole supply system.”