Intelligent valve actuation and Pakscan digital control at the UAE Green Diesel Project


Intelligent valve actuation and Pakscan digital control at the UAE Green Diesel Project

The Green Diesel Project is a major component in the expansion of the giant Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (TAKREER) Ruwais Industrial Complex in the United Arab Emirates.  The project involves the modernisation of existing units and the addition of new units to meet the future demands for Green Diesel, or sulphur-free gas-oil (SFGO).

Much of the work has been awarded to engineering companies in South Korea, where Rotork Controls (Korea) Co. Ltd. has won substantial orders for IQ intelligent electric valve actuators and Pakscan two-wire digital control systems.

At the Green Diesel site Pakscan P3 master stations control 35 IQ and 105 IQT actuators in four plant areas on highways up to 15 kilometres in length.  The fully redundant ‘hot standby’ Pakscan field networks are linked to the supervisory ABB DCS (distributed control system) and intelligent motor control centres (iMCCs) throughout the site.

The Pakscan P3 master station provides the vital link between the valve actuator and supervisory controller.  Designed specifically for the valve actuation operating environment, it is an intelligent, reliable, high integrity, fast and easy to install communication highway between the field equipment and the control room.

Remote parameterisation of all actuator setting variables is achieved at the master station HMI or on a web browser in a local or remote PC.  Parameters can be changed on-line with no system interruption and without the need to visit the actuator.

The Ruwais Green Diesel plant is one of the latest of many oil and gas industry projects to utilise the Rotork IQ actuator and Pakscan two-wire digital control option for intelligent valve control.  Widespread use of the system has given it virtual ‘industry-standard’ status in refineries, tank farms, pipelines and associated facilities.