New hand operated spur gearbox for multi-turn valves


New hand operated spur gearbox for multi-turn valves

The new HOS/MPR multi-turn spur gearboxes are designed for the manual operation of gate, globe, sluice and penstock valves with torque demands from 508 Nm to 15,917 Nm.

These rugged gearboxes can be installed above or underground with upward or downward input orientation. The totally enclosed, maintenance-free spur gearing is grease lubricated for life and designed with carefully chosen ratios to meet manual rim effort requirements. A range of handwheels is available with rim diameters between 200 mm and 1,000 mm.

Standard materials of construction, including a cast iron gearcase, ductile iron baseplate, protected steel input shaft and protected steel fasteners, provide excellent resistance to aggressive operating environments. The standard IP67 dust and watertight enclosure can be increased to IP68 (continuous submerged duty at depth of 15 metres) and an ISO 10497 firesafe option is also available.

Other options include position indicators, two-speed input reducers and flexible extensions, padlockable input, an interlock safety system, gloss paint and special coatings. Low and high temperature options increase the standard operating range of -40 ºC to +120 ºC to -60 ºC and +200 ºC respectively.

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