New range of hand operated bevel gearboxes


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New range of hand operated bevel gearboxes

The new range of HOB/MPR bevel gearboxes from Rotork is designed to offer robust and cost effective manual operation of gate valves, globe valves and penstocks.

Eleven body sizes deliver a torque output range of 380 to 8018 Nm. The corresponding thrust range is 54 to 1557 kN, facilitating the hand operation of a broad range of valve sizes.

The totally enclosed, maintenance free gearing has been designed with carefully chosen ratios to maintain user-friendly handwheel rim effort across the range. Manufactured with cast iron gearcases, ductile iron baseplates and zinc plated fasteners, the new range has been life-tested to ensure that maximum performance, reliability and quality is consistently maintained. Standard ambient operating temperature range is -40 ºC to +120 ºC, with other ranges optionally available.

Further options include increasing the IP67 watertight environmental enclosure to IP68, local position indicators, two speed input reducers, two or three input shafts at 90º and 180º configurations, flexible extensions, special coatings for aggressive environments and a Firesafe trim conforming to ISO10497.

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