Nuclear power contract for Rotork intelligent valve actuators


Nuclear power contract for Rotork intelligent valve actuators

Rotork has been awarded a major contract for the supply of electric valve actuators for the Hong Yan River and Ningde Nuclear Power Station project in China.

More than 1200 Rotork IQPro intelligent electric valve actuators have been ordered for Phase 1 of the new power station complex, which will deliver a designed generating capacity of 16000MW when all phases are completed. The Rotork actuators will operate butterfly, gate and check valves on ancillary plant including high pressure systems serving the station’s pressurised water reactors.

Traditionally these applications have used basic valve actuation technology with limited functionality and requiring separate motor control centres. The use of IQPro actuators introduces economies and efficiencies associated with integral starters and controls as well as intelligent Rotork features that are in widespread use in conventional power stations and other contemporary industrial environments. These features include a non-intrusive set-up and commissioning technology, data-logging of valve activity with diagnostic capabilities and the facility for bus system integration.

The contract for the Hong Yan River and Ningde Power Station has been awarded to Rotork’s subsidiary company in China and continues Rotork’s long association with the fossil fuelled and nuclear power industry programmes in China. The project is owned by the China Nuclear Power Engineering Company.