Petrobras prefers EH actuators for the Osbra Pipeline


Petrobras prefers EH actuators for the Osbra Pipeline

Thirty-nine Rotork EH range electro-hydraulic modulating actuators have been installed on the Osbra Pipeline in Brazil, replacing a competitor's hydraulic actuators installed in the 1990's when the pipeline was new.

Petrobras, the pipeline operator, was dissatisfied with the performance of the hydraulic actuators, which suffered from frequent problems involving corrosion, hydraulic leaks and a lack of technical support from the manufacturer.

The Rotork EH self-contained design, offers a tested and approved alternative solution for linear and quarter-turn valve automation, for both double-acting and spring return duties. In particular, the EH simplifies installation and commissioning by eliminating the requirement for separate hydraulic power units and associated pipework, which are incorporated in a fully enclosed integral power unit containing an electric motor, hydraulic pump and reservoir. In addition the EH actuator provides simplified remote control and indication together with local pushbutton control. Operating costs are further reduced by removing the expense of regular maintenance on hydraulic power plants, especially in environmentally exposed or remote areas. With a total length of 955km, the Osbra pipeline is an important part of the petrochemical distribution network in Brazil, carrying multiple products (LNG, petrol, aviation fuel, kerosene and diesel) from refineries to major consumer areas. The thirty-nine linear and quarter-turn EH actuators have been retrofitted on the pipeline from the Replan refinery in Campinas SP. The linear actuators control flow from the pipeline to tanks at the terminals whilst the quarter-turn units are installed after the pumping stations.

The EH actuator is a compact, self-contained solution for critical applications with the option of stay-put or fail-safe ESD (emergency shut down) operation. The actuator offers high operating torque performance with the speed and accuracy of hydraulic operation, combined with low energy consumption.