Rotork actuates subsea safety valve installations at Egyptian gas field


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Rotork actuates subsea safety valve installations at Egyptian gas field

Rotork has supplied the specialised hydraulic actuator package for a second subsea safety isolation valve (SSIV) installation on the same offshore gas gathering project off the coast of Egypt.

The single acting, spring-return rack and pinion actuator, model number GSR-2-490-110F/CX, will operate a 16 inch ANSI Class 900 ball valve installed on the eleven kilometre export pipeline from the Seth Platform. This pipeline connects to the Tuna Platform export pipeline end manifold for onward transport to the shore via the TNW2 Platform.

The new actuator will operate an SSIV installed at a depth of 84 metres near to the Seth Platform, which, together with a check valve installed upstream of the ball valve, will prevent any gas backflow in the event of a pipeline or riser rupture in the proximity of the platform. A dedicated electro-hydraulic umbilical from the platform will control the actuator, whilst an integral valve manifold system on the actuator itself will enable local diver operation. In addition, an actuator and gearbox declutch mechanism completes the provision of total valve control under all operating conditions, in combination with an ROV (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle) interface.

The installation is very similar to the Rotork actuated SSIV package that was previously supplied for the 24 inch export pipeline from the Tuna Platform in the same gas field. Both installations are equipped for pipeline pigging operations and fitted with superstructures for protection against accidental impacts and to prevent any interference with fishing activities.

Rotork has twenty years extensive experience of the design and manufacture of actuators for subsea installations. The company has successfully completed hyperbaric testing of its subsea products at simulated depths of 2,500 metres.