Rotork Launches In-Vision


Rotork Launches In-Vision

Rotork In-Vision brings PC based supervisory valve control into the 21st century.

In-Vision is Rotork's new, user friendly supervisory control and data acquisition software package designed for use with Rotork's Pakscan two-wire valve actuation control system. Developed from the popular, industry proven Pakvision package, In-Vision runs under Windows 9X, NT or W2000 to introduce many new visual features and operational benefits.

With over 20,000 I/O points, each In-Vision is suitable for automated plants containing up to 480 Pakscan controlled valves. Even larger systems can be controlled by using multiple applications spread across several PCs. In-Vision enables a totally customised, full-colour visual display of the site to be used to monitor and operate the plant using information collected on the Pakscan two-wire control bus.

Customisation options include the ability to include photographic images on the animated screen overviews and close-ups that display general plant conditions. Detailed examinations of chosen plant areas can be performed using enlargements featuring coloured animations to highlight alarms or areas requiring attention. To further facilitate plant operation, every In-Vision system incorporates multiple windows providing status and alarm information and showing the condition of every actuator and master station on the Pakscan system. Audible warnings and action confirmation dialogue boxes can be included to enhance safety where plant controls are critical.

Historical event and alarm data is automatically logged by In-Vision and may be viewed, printed or exported for further analysis on spreadsheets or similar applications. When used with Rotork IQ actuators, additional displays may be incorporated to show a graph of the torque values at various positions in the valve stroke as the valve opens and closes. This information may be used in combination with the historical data to maximise plant availability and accurately prepare preventative maintenance schedules. The In-Vision MD version enables this information to be used as an economical maintenance and diagnostics utility without the customised display and control abilities inherent in the full In-Vision software package.

All that is needed to use In-Vision?- which is supplied on a CD-ROM as a run-time version as standard - is a 100Mhz or above Pentium class PC with 128 MB Ram and 200MB free hard disk space. Alternatively, the Rotork TSI touch screen interface?- available in a weatherproof enclosure for installation within the plant itself?- can be used.