Rotork launches Pakscan P3 digital control for valve actuators


Rotork launches Pakscan P3 digital control for valve actuators

Rotork has launched Pakscan P3, the third generation of its two-wire digital monitoring and control system for valve actuators and associated plant equipment.

Pakscan P3 inherits all the features of the Pakscan IIE system that it supersedes and adds innovative technological advances born out of customer-driven evolution and refinement. New features combine increased information capacity with improved user-friendliness to achieve an unprecedented potential for asset management.

The new features can be divided into two categories; those that increase the performance and flexibility of the system and those that make it easier to install and operate. The former include Ethernet connectivity, a built-in secure web server, time synchronisation, data-logging of host messages, field unit commands and status changes and email notification of alarm conditions. In addition, master station host communications have been enhanced to include two serial ports, two Ethernet ports and an Ethernet configuration port. Via Ethernet, up to 10 concurrent hosts can be actively communicating with the master station.

A significant improvement in user-friendliness is achieved by the introduction of intuitive colour icons on the master station HMI screen, replacing the text-only predecessor. These clear, easy to read icons facilitate navigation of the screen menus and the configurations of 'top-level' settings including controls, alarms and diagnostics. Menus are available with multiple language options as standard. Re-programming of individual field control unit parameters can be performed at the master station, or remotely via the host serial or Ethernet link. Further practical improvements include front access to all terminals for installation convenience on a rack or in a panel.

Pakscan P3 is configurable for single channel, dual channel and hot standby operation, and utilising Modbus RTU and TCP protocols, the new system can be seamlessly integrated into existing Pakscan installations.

The launch of Pakscan P3 coincides with the twentieth anniversary of Rotork's pioneering launch of the first Pakscan system, which was quickly adopted as the preferred digital control system for valve actuators in many industries, especially in the spacious environments associated with oil and gas industry installations. Pakscan has undergone continuous development throughout its history and maintains its predominant market position, with nearly 2500 systems sold in the last decade.