Rotork Schischek launches controller for decentralised control structures in industrial and hazardous areas


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Rotork Schischek launches controller for decentralised control structures in industrial and hazardous areas

More and more applications in the industrial and hazardous area building automation sector require high performance and easy to use control systems. The local control of variable air volume (VAV) and constant air volume (CAV) systems as well as pressure, temperature and humidity eliminates the need for connection to remote controllers.

Air volume control is the key to delivering cost effective and environmentally friendly ventilation in modern buildings and industrial facilities. By locally controlling the movement of air dampers, the flow of air in to a room can be optimally controlled for the times when the room is occupied or not in use.

Rotork Schischek provides the solution with the introduction of ExReg-V (hazardous area) and InReg-V (safe area) control units, designed to ensure smooth operation when controlling HVAC systems by minimising the number of separate components required. A variant of the ExReg-V controller, the ExCos-V sensor, allows for the measurement and monitoring of air flow (volume) or speed (velocity) in industrial and safety critical ventilation systems.

In a related scenario, the local control and actuation of 2 and 3-way water mixing and diverting valves allows for the regulation of temperature and humidity in buildings and environments where the maintenance of strict limits is a prerequisite. Examples of such applications include the manufacture and storage of temperature and humidity sensitive materials which, if exposed to levels outside those specified, could cause a threat to life, health and assets. Here, the ExReg-D or InReg-D controllers used with the ExPro-CT and ExPro-CF sensor range provides the solution.

Developed from the successful ExCos and ExBin sensor series used extensively in hazardous area locations including ATEX zones 1,2,21 & 22, the new ExReg control units feature a compact design which incorporates an internal proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control structure. The parameterisation process is easy to use and automatically achieved for standard applications. The system provides support, especially during the start-up process, with many predefined settings and damper characteristics.

Features retained from the ExCos and ExBin series include the elimination of intrinsically safe wiring, digital adjustment, actual value indication and LED status display. Designed for electrical and mechanical compatibility with market standards, the ExReg is suitable for 24Vac or dc supplies and environmentally protected to IP66.

For over 30 years Rotork Schischek has supplied electric explosion-proof control products for building automation in a wide range of industrial sectors including oil & gas, (onshore and offshore), shipbuilding, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and water treatment. These latest product developments further expand the Rotork Schischek range of market leading explosion-proof control products, globally supported by engineers experienced in explosion-proof applications.

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