Rotork Skilmatic selected for gas supply improvement project


Rotork Skilmatic selected for gas supply improvement project

Rotork Skilmatic SI range intelligent electro-hydraulic valve actuators have been installed on a natural gas supply improvement project in the Republic of Ireland.

The order, from Bord Gais, was awarded to Rotork's agent Pegler and Louden, who recommended the Skilmatic electro-hydraulic solution as an improvement on the pneumatic actuators previously used for the application.

Bord Gais is responsible for the supply, transmission and distribution of natural gas in Ireland, 25% of which enters the country through four gas metering lines at the site where the Skilmatic actuators are now installed. Each metering line has been equipped with two fail-safe, spring-return modulating Skilmatic SI-ZL actuators, retrofitted on existing CCI globe control valves. The valves perform the critical duty of controlling the gas flow and pressure, so precise valve positioning is vital. Each Skilmatic SI-ZL350 actuator provides an output torque of 8900 lbf through a 300mm stroke length, with a positional accuracy of more than 99.98%.

The actuators are certified for hazardous area operation to ATEX ll2G EExd llBT4. Installation and commissioning was performed by engineers from the Actuators, Projects and Service Department of Exeeco, one of the specialist retrofit companies within the Site Services Division of the Rotork Group.