Sub-sea critical duty valve actuator order for Mediterranean gas field


Sub-sea critical duty valve actuator order for Mediterranean gas field

Rotork Fluid Systems is supplying specialised hydraulic actuation equipment for critical Sub Sea Isolation Valve (SSIV) duty on a new pipeline in the Petrobel North Port Said gas field, off the Mediterranean coast of Egypt.

The Rotork model GSH 161 quarter-turn scotch yoke actuator will operate a sub-sea ball valve manufactured by Breda Energia Spa on the 18 inch pipeline at a depth of 25 metres, in an ambient temperature of 26°C in the vicinity of the Petrobel Darfeel platform.  The new pipeline will export Pliocene gas from topside facilities in the Semman field to the Darfeel platform, from where it will be transported onshore through an existing pipeline to the El Gamil processing plant.  The SSIV, which will shut off the supply of gas from Semman in the event of an emergency on the Darfeel platform, is being installed in line with Petrobel’s policy of maximising safety levels at all existing and new platforms and facilities.

Rotork Fluid Systems has been manufacturing sub-sea valve actuators since 1992, successfully fulfilling installations at depths down to 2500 metres.  Rotork engineers work closely with contractors and end users to meet specific duty demands, encompassing rotary and linear actuator designs with ROV or diver operated facilities, approved to stringent international standards.  For this contract, valued at Euro 250K, negotiations with Breda were conducted by staff at Rotork Fluid Systems’ Lucca factory and Rotork’s agent in Egypt.

Petrobel, the operator of the North Port Said gas field, is a joint venture between the Egyptian General Petroleum Company and ENI of Italy.