Working demo compares electrics with pneumatics to illustrate the true cost of control valve actuation


Working demo compares electrics with pneumatics to illustrate the true cost of control valve actuation

ACHEMA 2012, Hall 8.0, Stand A76.

Rotork Process Controls will be demonstrating the benefits of all-electric control valve actuation as represented by the proven and established CVA range and the recently introduced CMA (Compact Modulating Actuator).

A working demonstration unit on the stand compares CVA and CMA electric actuation with the traditional pneumatic approach to illustrate the operating advantages, reduced costs and user-friendly features that are enabled by all-electric control. The demonstration also highlights the hidden costs associated with pneumatic operation.

As well as eliminating the inherent running and maintenance costs demanded by an instrument air supply, Rotork CVA/CMA actuation technologies introduce maintenance-free operation, simple and intuitive set-up, internal position feedback and no recalibration requirement within a reduced overall valve package size and a fully sealed watertight enclosure. The advantages and economies provided by these rugged all-electric ‘fit-and-forget’ products have been proven in environments as diverse as power stations, oil refineries, food factories and mineral plants.

CVA linear and quarter-turn actuators deliver continuous, repeatable modulating control with a programmable fail to position option. Operating on an industry standard 4-20mA control signal or digital bus, the resolution, repeatability and hysteresis performance is quoted at <0.1% of full scale, offering suitability for the most demanding applications.

The CMA is a range of smaller actuators that increases the areas of flow control that can take advantage of Rotork’s innovative electric control valve actuation features. The CMA is available in linear, quarter-turn and multi-turn versions, facilitating the economical operation of numerous types of control valve, damper and pump stroke adjuster applications.

Building on the success of Rotork’s CVA actuation technologies, applications for the CMA are expected to include choke valve, metering pump and associated duties in oil and gas processing and storage, mining and mineral industries, as well as process skids and plant for equipment such as boilers, separators, injectors and heat exchangers.

Rotork Process Controls will be distributing to customers and exhibition visitors an invitation to visit the Rotork stand and witness the all-electric vs. pneumatic actuation demonstration. Visitors will be entered in a raffle to win an iPad.