Modbus (AIM)

Modbus (AIM)

Modbus® field network Add In Module (AIM)

Industry Standard Networking

In addition to the Rotork designed network option, the Rotork Master Station also offers a Modbus® network all the way down to the field devices. The Modbus® RTU network is an RS-485 voltage based network in accordance with the Modbus® serial standard. Network baud rate is selectable up to 115 kbps, distance dependant, and network termination can be achieved within the actuator.

Multiple Network Topologies

Standard single and dual topologies are available and an additional loop network arrangement to improve distance capabilities and for more efficient redundant cabling is also available. For the loop network, a distance of up to 1.2 km between devices is possible.

Additional Devices

Non-Rotork Modbus® devices can be integrated into the Modbus® network. Contact Rotork for support on specific devices and for further information.

  • RS485 2-wire RTU communication
  • International open standard
  • Single and dual redundant options
  • Up to 115 kbps
  • Redundant loop topology available