ModTest Software

Modbus Module Test Tool Software

Modtest 2 software allows the configuration and settings of a Rotork Modbus Module Mk2 inside an individual actuator to be carried out easily and simply over the data bus. In addition, the actuator can also be exercised using this PC based software.

The software may only be used for a Modbus Module that is set to Mk2 mode and Mk2 data base format.

A suitable converter will be required between the PC’s RS232 output port and the RS485 data highway to the actuator. The converter will be required to handle 2 wire RS485 and automatically turn round between transmit and receive as there are no control mode signals in this package.

The Modtest 2 software is used for diagnostic and maintenance of a Modbus controlled actuator over a serial link from the PC. To download this programme and the documentation, please click the link below.

Download ModTest 2 Software

System Requirements

Modtest 2 can be used with an actuator fitted with a Modbus Module Mk2 that is operating in Mk2 mode with the Mk2 data base. It requires a PC with the following minimum system requirements and an RS232 to RS485 converter.

  • Pentium or equivalent processor
  • 128 Mbyte RAM
  • 800 x 600 screen resolution
  • 120 Mbyte hard disk space
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4, 2000, or XP*
  • RS232 serial port for connection to the RS232/RS485 converter (not supplied)

*Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that Modtest 2 works with these systems, individual operating system and PC combinations may effect operation. Modtest 2 cannot be guaranteed to operate with any other operating systems. Rotork cannot be held responsible if Modtest 2 or any of its parts does not operate as expected on any specific platform or operating system.