CK Centronik Control

CK Centronik Control

Comprising all the features of CK Standard actuators with the inclusion of integral starter and controls.

CKC - Centronik isolating duty actuator
CKRC - Centronik modulating duty actuator​

The addition of the Centronik module to the CK standard or CKR provides intelligent, integral control for integration with all site control systems. It permits the use of hardwired, fieldbus or analogue control and indication, offering cost-effective implementation with centralised control systems. Centronik actuators allow valve maker / integrator testing with just the power supply, using local control with no extra wiring or motor control gear required. Non-intrusive, password protected configuration may be carried out using open / close selector switches and also by using a Rotork Setting Tool, over infrared or optional Bluetooth® interfaces. The Centronik display provides position indication, status and alarms for operation plus simple menu driven configuration screens. Centronik includes data logging capabilities showing actuator starts, status and events on screen.

Integral Controls

The term 'integral controls' refers to actuators that contain the necessary internal motor switchgear and electronic controls to operate with just an external power supply and local command signal. Integral controls enable the actuator to be fully configured independently of the DCS or site control system. This is important as it enables site operators to perform installation and commissioning tasks during a scheduled site down-time period.

Actuator Indication

The Centronik control module includes a bright backlit display to ensure actuator position and status information is clearly visible in direct sunlight or challenging weather conditions. The display incorporates numerous indication LEDs that show position, torque, alarm status and connection activity. LEDs are situated on either side of the display window to ensure actuator status information can always be seen across a wide viewing angle.

Power Supply Phase Correction

All 3-phase power supplies for Centronik controls include automatic phase correction to rectify incorrect power cable connection. This is an integral feature to prevent damage to the actuator, improve the ease of commissioning and ensure correct travel direction when receiving operation commands.

Insight 2 software

For Bluetooth® enabled Centronik actuators, the actuator configuration, set-up and data logger files can be extracted to the Bluetooth® Setting Tool. The file can then be uploaded to a PC running Rotork Insight 2 software for analysis and asset management. Alternatively a Bluetooth® enabled PC running Insight 2 can directly connect with the actuator in the field.

Network communication

Centronik controls are compatible with most industry standard fieldbus systems such as Rotork Pakscan™, Profibus®, Foundation Fieldbus®, Modbus® and HART®.

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