CK Manual Operation

Simple Engagement

Manual override on CK range actuators utilises the proven Rotork clutch design developed over the past 60 years. Handwheel operation is achieved through a lever mechanism that declutches the motor drive train and engages the geared handwheel drive train. Motor operation will automatically disengage handwheel mode if the lever remains in the rest position.


The hand / auto lever can be padlocked in place as a security measure or to restrict operation to motor or manual mode only.

Emergency Operation

The manual override system provides a vital backup when motor operation is not available. Hand operation mode also utilises an independent drive train which permits continued actuator operation even if the motor drive train has seized.

Safe Mode Transition

The hand / auto lever clutch mechanism operates on the final drive component of the actuator drive train. A slow speed clutch is important for reliable lifetime operation. This eliminates risk of damage when engaging hand mode even whilst the actuator is operating electrically. Using this clutch design ensures electrical mode and manual mode are mutually exclusive as the clutch must travel through a neutral position to fully engage the motor or manual drive.