CK Standard

CK Standard

CK Standard Actuators

Comprising electric motor, drive gearing, independent handwheel drive, torque and position limit control & indication with plug and socket field wiring connection. The CK range provides the right solution for users with centralised motor control centres or for high temperature and sustained vibration applications.

CK - Standard isolating duty actuator
CKR - Standard modulating duty actuator

Modular Design

The major components of the CK range are modular; speed changes, control package upgrades and indication outputs can be altered to suit the user’s exact requirements. CK actuators can be adapted to meet user specification quickly and efficiently to achieve fast turnarounds and quick delivery.

IP68 Watertight Construction

An IP68 (8 metres - 96 hours) rating is achieved using spigot and O-ring joints for actuator covers and between modules.

Temperature Range Options

The standard range is rated for -30 to +70 ºC (-22 to +158 ºF). Low temperature option available between -40 and +60 ºC (-40 to +140 ºF) with a change of lubricant and bearings.

International Standards

CK range products comply with international design standards, actuator standards EN15714-2, EN ISO 5210 , MSS SP 102 and manual handwheel operation standard EN12570.

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CK Standard

Plug and Socket Connection

Power, control and indication wiring is connected into a plug located in the terminal cover allowing simple mechanical connection / disconnection of the actuator. Plug and socket connections between actuator modules provide a simple connection platform for adaption and field upgrades.


The IP68 enclosure protection is maintained even whilst the actuator terminal housing is removed by using a double sealing system around both parts of the plug and socket connection.

Torque Protection and Position Limits

The Rotork CK actuator includes torque measurement and independently adjustable torque limiting, for both open and close control. This ensures precise valve control whether by position limit or torque seating. Torque limiting protection is available mid-stroke to prevent valve damage should the valve be obstructed. Simple mechanical limit and torque adjustment is provided for the CK Standard and position changes are still measured during power loss.