CK Switch Mechanism

Mechanical Switch Mechanism (MSM)

Instantaneous position and torque are sensed mechanically and IP67 rated micro switches provide end of travel indication as well as torque trip indication. The end of travel torque trip and position limits for both directions require intrusive mechanical configuration.

Additional Indication Drive (AID)

An optional module can be added to either switch mechanism to provide mechanical position indication, intermediate travel switches and potentiometer or current position transmitter (CPT) output. The potentiometer or CPT can provide an analogue position signal directly to the customer interface or drive intermediate position to a Centronik control module when in combination with an MSM.

Digital Switch Mechanism (DSM)

The DSM, connected to a Centronik module, enables the user to perform non-intrusive configuration of the actuator limit positions and torque trip levels.

Through the use of a multiple geared absolute encoder, Centronik equipped CK actuators with DSM can measure absolute position with built in redundancy and self-checking. Torque sensing is also achieved through a separate sensor, integral to the digital switch mechanism and provides accurate torque measurement up to rated torque.

Position and torque information is processed within the Centronik module for full operational control of the valve of damper. Actuator status information is continuously monitored and recorded digitally in the actuator data logger.