CKQ Standard

CKQ Standard Actuators

CKQ isolating duty actuators are designed for part-turn on/off valve types that are infrequently operated.

CKQ - Standard isolating duty part-turn actuator

  • Shut off valves to isolate the site process
  • Safety valves for maintenance activities
  • Up to 60 starts per hour at a rate up to 1 start every 6 seconds

CKQ Range Universal Design Features

  • CKQ is the part-turn solution for users with centralised motor control centres or high temperature and/or sustained vibration applications
  • Mechanical Switch Mechanism
  • All major components of CKQ range actuators are modular
  • Plug and socket electrical connection for easier field wiring
  • Modular construction facilitates:
    • Fast order turnaround and quick delivery
    • Off-the-shelf solution for spares and upgrading
    • Interchangeable motors for different speeds
    • Control package upgrades
    • Indication output changes
  • Secure padlockable manual handwheel drive, fully independent of the motor drive train
  • Standard B1 coupling with B3, B4 and A available
  • Actuator duty rating S2-15 min
  • Low speed clutch operable at all times, providing a manual override even when the motor is running
  • Torque protection and position limits – independent torque and position limit control for each direction of travel
  • Continuous mechanical valve position indication even without power
  • Watertight - IP68 (8 m / 96 hrs), Type 4 & 6 rating as standard providing enhanced environmental protection

CKQ Range Performance Data

  • Output torque range: 54 - 1,000 Nm (40 - 738 lbf.ft)