IQ3 Pro SET - Multi-turn

IQ3 Pro - SET Intelligent Multi-turn Actuator

Rotork’s IQ3 Pro intelligent actuator is now backwards compatible to the 1960s. This backwards compatibility is for legacy actuators on a site that have non-integral starters (known as “SyncroSET”). Customers can manage obsolescence concerns by replacing legacy actuators with the latest intelligent actuator platform. IQ3 Pro SET allows access to the many benefits a IQ3 Pro brings to modern plant and network design, operation and maintenance, ensures continuous reliability, connectivity and performance, and offers advanced IQ3 Pro functionality. It is compatible with existing site cabling and control systems, so there is no need for new cabling and associated costs. There is minimal downtime during upgrades. Inserting IQ3 Pro technology into a legacy system also brings the benefits of improved connectivity and service support.

Backwards compatibility for SyncroSET actuators is part of Rotork’s commitment to working with our customers to understand the full life cycle of their assets. The IQ3 Pro SET feature, facilitates obsolescence management and future-proofs plants without affecting the plant infrastructure.

A site will go through many phases across its working life, with the plant or processes altered, expanded or decommissioned, against a backdrop of changing safety, technology and ESG dynamics. Efficient operation and optimal results are required at all stages of a plant’s life cycle; Rotork recognise this challenge and offer tailored support through a variety of mechanisms, including backwards compatibility. The IQ3 Pro SET feature is a bridge between legacy products (stretching back to Rotork A-Range actuators) and investment in the latest actuation technology.

  • Backwards compatible to the 1960s
  • Seamless integration
  • Minimal downtime during upgrade
  • Future-proofing your site
  • Upgradable as site control systems develop
  • Up-to-date actuation technology
  • Compatible with existing site cabling and control systems, therefore no need for new cabling costs
  • Ensured continuous reliability, connectivity and performance
  • Advanced IQ3 Pro functionality, including IP68 certification, advanced display, data logger, on-screen reconfiguration, alarms and asset management data

See IQ3 Pro Range Literature page for further details.

IQ3 Pro - SET Intelligent Multi-turn Actuator