IQ3H Pro - High Speed

IQ3 Pro Intelligent Multi-turn Actuator

Based on the multi-turn IQ3 Pro actuator, IQ3H Pro provides a range of high output speed actuators with integral epicyclic gearing. Gearing is optimised to be irreversible and provide a self-locking function for the valve.

IQ3H Pro actuators have been developed for diverter valves in meter prover applications that require fast operation with positive seating and zero backdriving.

IQ3H Pro actuators offer the following powerful features:

  • Graphical interface, remote indication and data logger accessible without power
  • Explosionproof to international standards
  • Oil bath lubrication provides extended life and the ability to mount in any orientation
  • Increased protection by using independent torque and position sensing
  • Double-sealed to IP66/68 7 m for 72 hrs
  • Safe, motor-independent, handwheel operation
  • Detailed trend analysis and diagnostic data available for asset management
  • Bluetooth® setting tool allows secure control and indication configuration in the field
  • Easy installation and maintenance using detachable thrust bases
  • Continuous position sensing at all times, even without power
  • Compatible with a wide variety of fieldbus, hardwired and analogue site systems

See IQ3 Pro Range Literature page for further details.

IQ3 Pro Intelligent Multi-turn Actuator