IQT3 Pro - Part-turn Shutdown Battery

IQT3 Pro Battery Backup

The IQT Pro Shutdown Battery option provides fail-to-position functionality for IQT actuators in the event of a mains power loss in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments. The integral battery pack provides a compact, explosionproof shutdown solution.

A lithium-ion battery supplies backup power from within the double-sealed actuator enclosure. Housing the battery within the actuator enclosure maintains the actuator’s ingress protection and hazardous area classification.

In the event of mains power loss, the Shutdown Battery can continue to function automatically to a configurable end of travel position, providing fail-to-position functionality. The failure mode can change depending on customer requirements. It can, as desired, be fail-closed, fail-open, stayput or go to an intermediate position.

The UPS mode provides an option of the actuator continuing to operate as normal on loss of power (until battery charge runs out). This means there is no impact to operations during this time, maintaining crucial operating time and preventing costly restarts.

The same functionality as standard existing IQT Pro actuators is provided, including partial stroking, Bluetooth® wireless communication, site configurable speed setting and nonintrusive IP68 double-sealed enclosure.

See IQ3 Pro Range Literature page for further details.

IQT3 Pro Battery Backup