IQT3 Pro Intelligent Part-turn Actuator

Specifically designed to meet the needs of modern warship design, IQT3N Pro range actuators have been independently tested for shock tolerance and meet the requirements of most worldwide surface ship applications.

The IQT3N Pro is a low cost, reliable, virtually maintenance free, lightweight ‘fit and forget’ solution which offers control options for integration with shipboard critical systems.

Rotork Insight 2 PC software, when used in conjunction with the Rotork Bluetooth® Setting Tool Pro, allows all IQ set-up configuration and datalogger information to be transferred to a PC, reviewed analysed and reconfigured. Reconfigured files can then be uploaded to the actuator.

IQT3N Pro offers the following powerful features:

  • 3-phase and 1-phase power supplies
  • Modulating duty option
  • Part-turn and full-turn outputs
  • Shock tested to MIL-S-901D
  • Up to two option cards for additional control and monitoring
  • Environmental protection to IP68 (7 m for 72 hrs)

See IQ3 Pro Range Literature page for further details.

IQT3 Pro Intelligent Part-turn Actuator