IQT - Part-turn Shutdown Battery

IQT Part-turn Shutdown Battery

The IQT shutdown battery option provides fail-to-position functionality for IQT actuators in the event of a mains power loss in hazardous and non-hazardous environments. The IQT shutdown battery option is part of the IQT range of actuators (the part turn option of our flagship range of intelligent electric actuators). The integral battery pack provides a compact, explosionproof shutdown solution.

In the event of mains power loss, the Shutdown Battery can continue to function automatically to a safe position. The failure mode can change depending on customer requirements. This fail-to-position can be fail-closed, open, stayput or go-to-a-per-cent position, depending on what is needed to ensure the process fails to a safe operating state. This prevents any safety issues and avoids monetary consequences due to loss of control.

The IQT Shutdown Battery also features an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) mode. This ensures that there is continued control and operation of the actuator on loss of mains power until the battery charge has run out. Operations can continue as normal while the battery charge lasts, mitigating any risk of lost revenue or safety implications.

There are multiple potential applications for the IQT Shutdown Battery; it is ideally suited to unmanned applications which require further fail-safe functionality when power is lost. it is appropriate for applications on PSD/ESD valves such as well heads, blow down and well-head choke valves, line breaks and high/low pressure scenarios. The Shutdown Battery is also perfectly suited for the transfer of crude oil and valves at often unmanned natural gas custody transfer stations. It is a compact alternative to spring-return fail-safe actuators.

A lithium-ion battery supplies backup power from within the actuator enclosure. Housing the battery within the actuator enclosure means the actuator’s ingress protection and hazardous area classification (ATEX, ICEx, CSA and CSAus) is retained. The battery automatically charges from the actuator mains supply during normal service, so is time-saving and efficient. There won’t be any downtime when the battery is being charged.

The same functionality from existing IQT actuators is provided, including partial stroking, Bluetooth® wireless communication, site configurable speed setting and non-intrusive IP68 double sealed enclosure.

See IQ3 Range Literature page for further details.

IQT Part-turn Shutdown Battery