Q Standard

Q Std

The Q Standard is a robust, dependable and compact part-turn actuator that provides the flexibility and reliability to suit a wide variety of applications. It is a simple and cost-effective way of controlling small quarter-turn valves and dampers. With the addition of a shock base option, the Q Standard’s rugged and reliable design makes it ideal for navy applications.

Rotork Q Standard actuators are the simplest models in the Q range of products. They are designed for use with external controls and motor switchgear; they are suitable for simple open/close duties where on/off control is required. 3-phase and single phase option are available (model dependent) in order to meet specific torque characteristics for the wide variety of applications that Q range actuators are suitable for.

These actuators are comprised of a squirrel cage induction motor, drive train and independently declutchable manual override handwheel. Oil bath lubrication provides extended life and the ability to mount in any orientation.

The Q Standard range offers 3-phase and single phase motor options with a high starting torque. To ensure uninterrupted operation, even when the torque demand increases, Rotork has included special features for isolating service applications such as thermal protection and a hammer blow mechanism within the drive train. Q Standard also includes a mechanical position indicator, system integration and local control selectors to control the actuator operating mode.

If desired, a Q Standard actuator can be upgraded with a Q Pak control module to provide a ready-to-operate actuation solution with integral controls and motor switchgear.

See Q Literature Page for further details.

Q Std