Handwheel Manual Override

K-Tork Manual Override

K-TORK offers a de-clutch gearbox manual override that mounts between the actuator and the valve to provide for manual valve operation in the event of air failure or for emergency operation. Under normal automatic operation, the gear is disengaged and the actuator turns freely to operate the valve.

The manual override will remain attached to the valve to hold the valve steady or to open / close the valve with the K-TORK actuator removed for maintenance or repair.

  • No additional mounting parts required. Can be easily added to any actuator in the field
  • Will lock-and-hold the valve in any position
  • Dual, mechanical travel stops standard
  • Cast iron housing, hardened steel worm and bronze sector gear for long service life
  • Handwheel includes “Open” and “Close” directional arrows
  • Standard high-temperature grease, permanently lubricated


  • Tamper-proof lock-out feature to ensure valve remains in position

See K-TORK literature page for further details.

K-Tork Manual Override