Pneumatic Quarter Turn Dosing Actuators

Pneumatic quarter-turn dosing actuators (11 to 660 Nm)

  • For precise filling of products
  • Compact design
  • 3-position single-acting with spring-return
  • Pre-tensioned springs for safety
  • Connection according to international standards
  • Scotch yoke design provides high torque in end positions
  • Precise control, smooth travel in end positions
  • High reliability, long life, one-year warranty
  • Very easy to control by two 3/2-way pilot valves
  • Steppless adjustable dosing position from 90° to 0°
  • Housing in anodised aluminium
  • Drive shaft and screws in stainless steel (RC210,230,250)
  • Temperature range -20 to +80°C
  • Options: Epoxy finish, customer specified paint, speed restrictor, high temperature, stainless steel drive shaft and screws (RC270)

See RC200 literature page for further details.