RCE-SR Electro-hydraulic actuator with spring return

RCE electro-hydraulic actuators is a range of rigid actuators for on/off and positioning with high torques in relation to size. Torques ranging from 50-5,000 Nm. The function is a cost effective alternative to a spring return electric actuator.

The unit consists of a hydraulic spring return actuator with manual override, electric motor, hydraulic pump and tank.

The series has a wide range of applications and is resistant to environmental influence, even in marine environments. The electro-hydraulic actuators are recommended within district heating plants, oil and gas depots where explosionproof equipment is required and where pressurised air is not available or unsuitable.

Within the oil and power industry, safety is of the highest importance. In emergency situations the failsafe function closes or opens the valve automatically with the aid of a return spring in the actuator.

RCE is available in designs where the spring opens or spring closes. The actuator is constructed for direct mounting on valves according to ISO-standards.

  • 50 Nm – 5,000 Nm. (442 lbf. in. – 44,248 lbf. in.)
  • On – Off and positioning through impulse control from external system
  • Max pressure: 10 bar/ 145 psi (RCE265 8bar/115psi)
  • Temp: -20ºC to +40ºC (-4ºF to +104ºF)
  • Mounting face according to international standard ISO5211, DIN3337, DIN79, NAMUR, VDI/VDE 3845
  • Mounting kits for all 90° valves and accessories
  • Spring cartridge with pretensioned springs. Blow-out-proof drive shaft
  • Scotch Yoke provides increased torque in the end positions, smooth action, precise control, low air consumption and compact dimensions
  • High-quality materials for long working life and optimum corrosion resistance. Extruded anodized aluminium housing, RCE 210-260 have drive shafts and screws of stainless steel
  • Long life, maximum reliability

See RCE-SR literature page for further details.

RCE-SR Electro-hydraulic actuator with spring return