A Series Large Bevel Gears

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Mastergear 'A' Series Large Bevel Gears

'A' Series Bevel Gear Operators have been especially designed to operate valves and sluice gates, both in rising and non-rising stem modes.

Product Features:

  • Pinion and gear are both lodged between pillow blocks thus allowing for maximum thrust
  • Accurate design ensures maximum performance and durability
  • By minimising the number of parts in the product, maintenance requirements have been kept to a minimum
  • The design is such that repairs to these bevel gear operators is possible without removing them from the valves, thus keeping them operational during maintenance periods by means of handwheels or levers
  • When fitted with stem covers, these operators become fully weatherproof
  • Operators are fully lubricated with grease. With oil on request
Mastergear Bevel Gear Operator Mastergear Logo

Product Brochures:

  • 'A' Series Catalogue Note: Of the models listed in the catalogue, only A200 to A650 are available for smaller torque requirements. IB / IS gearboxes replace other sizes.

Drawings/Dimension Data

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